The Colect platform is very suitable for guided as well as self serviced remote selling, both for pre- and reordering. In this article we will provide a step by step guide how you can facilitate guided remote selling with the Colect Sales app.


  • Video conferencing service by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Cisco Webex or Skype installed on iPad

  • Colect Sales App for iPad 


Schedule an online sales meeting with you customer or retailer using a video conferencing tool. All mentioned conferencing services have support for screen sharing on iPad and work for this remote selling scenario.

Before meeting with your customer it is recommended to prepare a custom made assortment. This is explained later on in this article.

The Sales Call

Start your conferencing call in the regular audio & video mode. When you are ready to dive into your collection, start screen sharing. To start screen sharing swipe down in the top right corner to activate the iPad control center.

Press and hold the record button to open the screen recording menu. Select your video conferencing service and press "Start Broadcast". Screen sharing wil now start automatically you will be able to navigate the iPad as usual while still sharing you screen.

After this point you can use the Colect Sales app (or your branded Colect app) for order writing just as you would use it for in-person meetings. Just as a reminder we will summarise the recommended steps for this type of sales journey.

Assortment building

Colect supports several approaches for building assortments in the Sales App. You can:

  1. Build an assortment by using the look-book. While telling you seasonal story use shop-the-look to add products to the favorites selection.  

  2. Create an assortment by using the visual line plan tool. 

  3. Navigate your collection using the digital catalog with categories and filters to build a customer assortment uses favorites.

Creating the Order

If you used favorites to tag your assortment, go to the the shopping cart in the bottom right, select the share icon and select "copy favorites into order". The favortites will be added the current order without quantities.

When building an assortment with the visual line plan use the shopping cast logo in the bottom right of the visual line plan tool to add your selection to an order.

Depending on the time you have available you can guide your buyer to determine the size distribution and quantities of the products selected in the order. Order analytics can compare your current order with historic orders to optimise for categories distributions and quantities. 

Order Sharing

After building the order together with customer it's time to share the order via a unique shareable order link. Easily share draft orders for customers to finalise remotely. Additionally also line sheets, style-books or Excel exports can be shared. Read the article on order sharing for more details.

Order Confirming by Customer

Buyers will be sent a link via email, where they will be brought directly to a shoppable order. There are two types of order proposals:

  1.  Stand-alone proposal: The buyer can only remove products and adjust quantities. 

  2. B2B Webshop integrated proposal (Only available together with the Colect B2B Webshop): The buyer can also add additional products from the collection. 

With both types of proposals the buyer will be able to place the order. This completes the guided remote sales journey.

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