Learn to quickly create a new B2B webshop login for your retailer customer. Note: you need to be Colect administrator to access the backend configuration area.

Step 1: Log in the Colect backend: https://salesapp.apptitude.nl/backend/login with your Colect backend account.

Step2: Go to the tab "Users" and click on "Add new user" as shown in the screenshot

Step 3: Fill in customer email address & a temporary password. Also click "add" to add the type of company assess the user must receive. In the case of retailers with B2B webshop assess select user type "RETAILER_WEB".  To save your input click the store button in the top left.

This user type:

  1. can not enter the front-end of the app

  2. can enter the front-end of the web tool (this requires a B2B Webshop License)

  3. can not enter the back-end of the app and web tool

  4. can see only their own customer details

  5. can place orders for themselves

This requires B2B Webshop License, no individual license is required

Step 4: After saving the newly created user. The new user should be given collection access rights. Select the user in the users overview to access the user details. Now you are able to select with collection your retailer is able to access in the B2B webshop. 

The newly created login is not automatically shared with the retailer. Please manually share the new login & password with your retailer via your preferred communication methode.

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