There are several scenarios when you would want to share an order:

  1. Share a finalised order with your customer

  2. Share a order proposal with your customer or colleague

  3. Import an order into a customers POS or ERP system

To share an order go to your shopping cart in the Colect Sales app. At the top you see a share icon that provides a dropdown menu as indicated in figure below. Select Share order to access all the different types of order sharing.

Sharing finalised orders

Order Confirmation

The order confirmation is the most standard way to share a finalised order with your customer. Is contains all the details of the order in a compact layout branded for your brand.

Export a Line Sheet

This ofter used methode generates a line sheet pdf. There are several standard versions available with or without barcodes, prices and SKU numbers. It is also possible to order custom made layouts for line sheets. Please contact you Colect administrator for details.

Sharing order proposals

Often offers are not yet finalised but need to be shared while still in draft status. For example if you have prepared a custom assortment for your customer prior or during a custom meeting. There are two preferred ways you can share your draft proposal with your customer.

Export Digital Stylebook

Digital stylesbooks are PDFs that look like lookbooks but are custom generated based on you selected order.  It can be seen as a special made look-book brochure. 

Share draft orders with customers via a unique shareable order link. Easily share draft orders for customers to finalise orders remotely. 

Export A4F export file

In the case you want to share an order proposal with a colleague of other Colect sales app user you can use the A4F export format. This format can easily be imported by other Colect sales app users.

Importing an order into a retailers POS or ERP system

CSV/Excel/XML Export

Export your order to a data format your customer requires. We support csv, excel and xml. It is possible to order custom made data layouts. Please contact you Colect administrator for details.

Order Center (expected Q2 2020)

Allow buyers to download all relevant order information, such as order details, order invoice, packing slip, photography, line plan, look-book brochure using a shareable link. Your benefit: All order information always and easy available for both seller and buyer. Easily import product information & photography into retailer POS and ERP systems.

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