There are several ways to navigate the sales app. In this article we explore the most common used.

Selecting a collection

All your collections are accessible with an image in the top bar. If you swipe through the images, you can select your desired collection by touching it. The red "Show Collection" enter into a selected collection.

These collections are added to your profile through the back-end of the app. Contact your Colect administrator for questions on permissions to access collections.

Our backend can provide five levels of categories, which we can determine based on the product data we receive. For example, you can choose a season, then a gender and product category (example: shirts or pants). Five category levels is not a requirement, most used is 2 or 3 category levels.

Of the left side of the screen we can display tab definitions. This is an extra way to create certain categories. For these tabs we can also determine which productscan be placed in what tab. Tabs can be made on product data (product category, gender, fit, close-out or sale items etc.). This is slightly more advanced then navigate by categories because here we can specify even more such as fast movers, slow movers, pack qty, theme, quality etc. or create tabs, based on combinations of product specifications for example blue jackets, slim-fit-men-shirts.

Tabs may also contain overlap. If you also create a tab with all shirts, then this also contains all blue shirts. See example below:

Filtering & Favorites

With the filter option it is possible to select specific items. There are many options that you can choose out, such as category, collection, seasons etc. It is possible that some of the products have no images. So when you select “Show only with image” then you can see only products with an image. 

Of course you will have products which you will frequently use. Or some product(s) that you would want to view later on. If you select a product, you will see a heart symbol. If you touch this symbol it should be highlighted in red. Then you can filter items on favorites. In the cart you can import all the favorites at

Searching a product

There are different ways to find a specific product. When you tab on the magnifier in the main screen of the app a pop-up appears. There are two ways to find a product.

  1. You can enter the product number in the search field. The product appears in the column en you can go to the product when touching it.

2. The other search function can only be used when you have an active the Bluetooth scanner and a physical product/barcode. When you tab on the barcode button left to the search field, then a new pop-up will appear. The front camera of the iPad turns on and then you can scan the product by holding the barcode of the product in front of the camera.

If you scan the barcode of the article, the article will be automatically displayed on the screen.

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