Installing the iPad app

Getting the Colect app can be done by installing it from the App store. After installing the app, it is  recommended to walk through all changes mentioned below. Please note when using the app an internet connection is required.

Logging in for the first time

Select login and enter your email address, press submit. Please note that you don’t select register. After filling in the email address, you can enter your password. Contact your Colect administrator if you don’t have a Colect login and password.

Loading your collection data for the first time

After logging in for the first time all your collection data is downloaded, including all images. This is indicated with the initial loading screen show in the screenshot below. Please wait while the data is loading. This can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your connection. 

Updating your collection data on a daily basis 

Every time the app is opened the app will automatically reload stock numbers and updated product information. Note that no new product images are loaded at this process. When the app is reloading, a reload bar will appear in the top right indicating the progress.

Manually reloading stock numbers

It is also possible to manually reload your stock numbers by touching the reload icon in the bottom bar indicated in the screenshot. Note that no new product images are loaded at this process. 

Manually reloading new images

Loading pictures of the products in the app is very important. After reloading you must tab the button “Fetch new images”. All the images regarding the added collections will be downloaded. This can take a while depending on your internet connection speed. You only have to download the pictures one time, cause they’re stored on your iPad. The next time you log in to the app the pictures are still there. When there are new products added to a collection, then you must download the new product pictures.

The other options, such as: “Sync order history” is useful when you cleared all the local data. Your old orders will be synched in to your profile. If you want to delete all the images, select “Clear all images”.

Please notice that when you clear all the local data, that you delete everything related to your profile.
There is an option in the settings list: “Disable image download”. You can choose the collection for which you don’t want to download images. This option is useful if you have many collections and you only want the images for one collection, or else it will take a while for downloading all the images for every collection 

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